Alexander Campbell Prospectus (1830)


{ Vol. 1. }

      I saw another messenger flying through the midst of heaven, having everlasting good news to proclaim to the inhabitants of the earth, even to every nation and tribe, and tongue, and people--saying with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgments is come: and worship him who made heaven, and earth, and sea, and the fountains of water.--JOHN.
      Great is the truth and mighty above things, and will prevail.


      THIS work shall be devoted to the destruction of Sectarianism, Infidelity, and Antichristian doctrine and practice. It shall have for its object the developement, and introduction of that political and religious order of society called THE MILLENNIUM, which will be the consummation of that ultimate amelioration of society proposed in the Christian Scriptures.

      Subservient to this comprehensive object, the following subjects shall be attended to:

      1. The incompatibility of any sectarian establishment, now known on earth, with the genius of the glorious age to come.

      2. The inadequacy of all the present systems of education, literary and moral, to delvelope the powers of the human mind, and to prepare man for rational and social happiness.

      3. The disentanglement of the Holy Scriptures from the perplexities of the commentators and system-makers of the dark ages, This will I call for the analysis of several books in the New Testament, and many disquisitions upon the appropriated sense of the leading terms and phrases in the Holy Scriptures and in religious systems.

      4. The injustice which yet remains in many of the political regulations under the best political governments, when contrasted with the justice which Christianity proposes, and which the millennial order of society promises.

      5. Disquisitions upon the treatment of African slaves, as preparatory to their emancipation, and exaltation from their present degraded condition.

      6. General religious news, or regular details of the movements of the religious combinations, acting under the influence of the proselyting spirit of the age.

      7. Occasional notices of religious publications, including Reviews of new works, bearing upon any of the topics within our precincts.

      8. Answers to interesting queries of general utility, and notices of all things of universal interest to all engaged in the proclamation of the Ancient Gospel, and a restoration of the Ancient Order of Things.

      9. Miscellanea, or religious, moral, and literary varieties.

      Much of the useful learning which has been sanctified to the elucidation of those interesting and sublime topics of Christian expectation, will, we intend, be gleaned from the Christian labors of those [1] distinguished men of liberal minds, who are ranked among the most renowned Fathers of Christian literature; and much aid is expected from a few of the more enlightened brethren of our own time, who are fellow-laborers and pioneers in hastening this wished for period. It is intended to give to every family into which this work shall come, so much of the religious news of the day, and such a variety of information on all the topics submitted, as to make it a work of much interest to the young and inquisitive.

      The indulgence and patronage which have been extended to me, as Editor of the Christian Baptist, embolden me to attempt a work of still greater magnitude--expecting that if that work, written, as the greater part of it was, under very disadvantageous circumstances, and while my attention was divided between other works and a multiplicity of other business, obtained so general a circulation, and was so well received--a work to which a much larger portion of my energies shall be devoted, will not fail of obtaining, at least, an equal patronage, and proving proportionally more useful, as the range will be so much greater, and the object one in which all Christians, of every name, must feel interested; and especially, as there is not, perhaps, in the Christian world, any work published with the same design, and embracing the same outlines.


      Having purchased a large fount of beautiful new type, of a good medium size, and a first rate new printing press, we may promise a beautiful impression, on good paper.

      1. Each number shall contain 48 pages large duodecimo, equal to a medium octavo, or equal in superficies to more than 63 pages of the Christian Baptist. Being printed on super-royal paper, it will cost to the subscribers only twice as much postage as, the Christian Baptist, though containing more than twice and a half times as much matter. With a good index, it will make a volume of 600 pages per annum.

      2. It shall be published on the first Monday of every month--the first number to be issued on the first Monday of January, 1830. Each number shall be stitched, in a good cover,: and all numbers failing to reach their destination shall be made good at the expense of the editor.

      3. It shall cost, exclusive of postage, $2 50 per annum, to all who do not pay until the close of the year; but to those who do pay in advance, or within six months after subscribing, Two Dollars will be accepted.

      4. Postmasters, who act as agents, shall have ten per cent. for obtaining subscribers, and for collecting, and remitting the amount of their subscriptions.

      5. All other persons, who obtain and pay for five subscribers, within six months from subscribing, shall have one, copy gratis. But to those who do not guarantee and pay within that period, ten per cent. on all the subscribers, for whom they make payment, shall be allowed. [2]

      6. Persons who subscribe at any time within the year, will be furnished with the volume from the commencement. And no person, unless at the discretion of the Editor, shall be permitted to withdraw until all arrearages are paid.

      7. All who do not notify their discontinuance to our agents in such time that we may be informed a month before the close of each volume, will be considered as subscribers for the next volume.

      N. B. Let all subscribers be careful to name the post-office to which they wish their papers sent.

      Bethany, Brook County, Va. 1829.

[The Millennial Harbinger, 1 (January 1830): 1-3.]


      Alexander Campbell's "Prospectus" was first published in The Millennial Harbinger, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1830. The electronic version of the prospectus has been produced from the College Press reprint (1976) of The Millennial Harbinger, ed. Alexander Campbell (Bethany, VA: A. Campbell, 1830), pp. 1-3.

      Pagination in the electronic version has been represented by placing the page number in brackets following the last complete word on the printed page. Inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and typography have been retained; however, corrections have been offered for misspellings and other accidental corruptions. Emendations are as follows:

            Printed Text [ Electronic Text
 p. 1:      General religions news, [ General religious news,

      Addenda and corrigenda are earnestly solicited.

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Alexander Campbell Prospectus (1830)

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