Alexander Campbell Education (1841)




E X T R A.

VOL. V. B E T H A N Y,   V A.   OCTOBER, 1841. NO. X.

E D U C A T I O N.

      PARENTS and school-masters have the human race in their hands at a time when human nature is most susceptible of good and favorable impressions. If they are intelligent, humane, and pious, they can do more than all the ministers, priests, and lawgivers in the world. If any one would reform and bless mankind, let him give them good and intelligent parents and school-masters, and less than a tithe of all other reformers, whether called ministers, priests, lawgivers, or authors, will more than suffice all the demands of society. But we must have normal schools and colleges to make good teachers; and have persons of good sense, good education, and, above all, of good morals, to instruct and train them for the work. Three things are essential to good education: These are, instruction, example, and training--three words, in my use of them, not only representing three things quite distinct, but also of very great significance. Very many think that precept and example are enough; but training is more essential than either of them. Very many have good precepts and good examples before them; but, because of lack of training, are neither an ornament nor a blessing to society.

A. C.      

[The Millennial Harbinger (October 1841): 480.]


      Alexander Campbell's "Education" was first published in The Millennial Harbinger, New Series, Vol. 5, No. 10, October 1841. The electronic version of the essay has been produced from the College Press reprint (1976) of The Millennial Harbinger, ed. Alexander Campbell (Bethany, VA: A. Campbell, 1841), p. 480.

      Addenda and corrigenda are earnestly solicited.

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Alexander Campbell Education (1841)

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