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Robert H. Boll
The Kingdom of God, 3rd Edition, Revised (2000)



  • Chapter 1: The Kingdom of God.
  • Chapter 2: The Kingdom of God on Earth.
          Views of the Early Church--Position of the Writer--Kingdom Here and to Come--
          Daniel 2:44--Has Daniel 2:44 Been Fulfilled?--Notes on Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3: The Image and the Beast.
          The Sum of the Prophecy of the Great Image--The Vision of the Four Beasts--"How
          Can These Things Be?"--The Beast of "Revelation"--The Conclusion--Note on Daniel
  • Chapter 4: The Kingly Rights of Jesus Christ.
          The Promises to Abraham--The Promise to David--The Great Son of David--The
          Faith of the Disciples.
  • Chapter 5: Israel and the Kingdom.
          Paul's Teaching Regarding Israel--God's Steadfast Purpose--Israel's Earthly
          Supremacy--The Covenant with David.
  • Chapter 6: The Kingdom in Matthew.
          The Announcement of the Kingdom--"Repent Ye"--The Sermon on the Mount--A
          Righteousness Exceeding that of the Pharisees--The Great Crisis--The Mysteries of
          the Kingdom--Deepening Darkness and Rising Light--"I Will Build My Church"--He
          Shall Come in His Glory--Jesus Presented as King--Four Features of the "Triumphal
          Entry"--The New Nation--The Olivet Discourse--The Passion and the Resurrection--
          Note on the "Postponement" of the Kingdom.
  • Chapter 7: The Kingdom in Luke and John.
          Three Cycles--The Kingdom Hope in Christ's Birth--Mary - Zacharias - Simeon -
          Anna--"When Shall the Kingdom of God Come?"--The Shadow of the Cross--The
          Kingdom Comes Near--The "Table" and the "Thrones"--Kingdom-Teaching in John's
  • Chapter 8: The Kingdom in Acts.
          The New Beginning--Was It a Jewish Error?--This Same Jesus Shall Come Again--
          The First Gospel Sermon--Does Jesus Now Sit on David's Throne?--Peter's Second
          Sermon--The History of Israel's National Rejection--A Great Crisis--Other
          References in "Acts".
  • Chapter 9: The Kingdom in the Epistles.
          I. The Kingdom as Present--II. The Kingdom Future--When Will Christ to Give up
          the Kingdom?
  • Chapter 10: The Kingdom in "Revelation."
          The Three Parts of Revelation--I. Kingdom-Teaching in Revelation One--II. The
          Kingdom in the Church-Messages--The Kingdom in the "Things Future"--The
          World Kingdom of the Beast--The Beast--The One Thousand Years--After the
          Thousand Years--The Judgment of the Great White Throne--The New Heaven and
          New Earth.
  • Appendix.
          About Questions and Difficulties--Questions and Criticisms--Miscellaneous Questions.
  • Addendum: "Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven" by Robert. L. Garrett, Sr.

    • Chapter 1: The Mystery Parables.
            1. Parable of the Sower--2. Parable of the Weeds--3. The Mustard Tree--4.
            Parable of the Yeast--5. Parable of the Hidden Treasure--6. The Pearl of
            Great Price--7. The Parable of the Net.
    • Chapter 2: "The Mystery of Christ".
            What Is This Mystery?--Questions and Answers--The Tabernacle of
            David--The Times of Restoration.

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[Table of Contents]
Robert H. Boll
The Kingdom of God, 3rd Edition, Revised (2000)

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