* Obituary of Thomas Campbell by Robert Richardson [1854]
        First book publication in Memoirs of Elder Thomas Campbell [1861]
        Reprinted as Death of Thomas Campbell, Sr. [1949]
* Analysis of Declaration and Address by Robert Richardson [1868]
* "Biography of T. Campbell" by A. S. Hayden [1875]
* Impressions of Thomas Campbell by Aylett Raines [1875]
* Thomas Campbell's Preaching at Braceville and Windham by Samuel Robbins
* The Christian Church or Disciples of Christ by W. L. Hayden [1882]
* The First American Home of Thomas Campbell by Ernest F. Acheson [1897]
* Introduction to the Declaration and Address by Charles A. Young [1904]
* The Disciples of Christ by Errett Gates [1905]
* The Christian Association of Washington by Errett Gates [1905]
* Thomas Campbell and the Declaration by W. L. Hayden [1909]
* Thomas and Alexander Campbell by Archibald McLean [1909]
* Thomas Campbell and the Principles He Promulgated. Essays by W. J. Loos,
        C. M. Chilton, Effie L. Cunningham Cunningham, Herbet L. Willett,
        Clinton Lockhart [1910]
* Thomas Campbell by Nathaniel S. Haynes [1915]
* The Voice of the Reformers by David Lipscomb [1916]
* The Christian Union Overture by Frederick D. Kershner [1923]
* Thomas Campbell: Seceder and Christian Union Advocate by William
        Herbert Hanna [1935]
* Thomas Campbell by Thomas Hagger [1938]
* The Declaration and Address of Thomas Campbell Is Now 150 Years Old by
        E. L. Williams, A. L. Haddon, and C. H. J. Wright [1959]
* The Declaration and Address by Jay Smith [Restoration Quarterly 5/3]
* Thomas Campbell's Ministry at Ahorey, Ireland by Alfred Russell Scott
        [Restoration Quarterly 29/4]
* On Thomas Campbell and the Declaration and Address by Leroy Garrett
* Thomas Campbell: An essay I wrote on Thomas Campbell, a pioneer in the
        theology of spiritual maturity by Harold Kent Straughn [2000]

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