Dictionary of RM Biography (OLDRMB) Restoration Movement Resources (Jim McMillan) Movement Overviews (ATLA) Encyclopedia Authors and Articles (Terry J. Gardner) Disciples Theology Bibliography by Clark Williamson of Christ Bibliography by Mark G. Toulouse of the Herald of Gospel Liberty and other Christian Connexion Publications

by M.T. Morrill Index to Barton W. Stone's Christian Messenger by Ruth E. Browning to the Christian Record by David I. McWhirter to Missionary Tidings by David I. McWhirter to the World Call by David I. McWhirter to The Word and Work (1916-1965) by Ernie Stefanik
*Restoration Serial Index (RSI)
*Gospel Advocate Obituary Index
*The Preachers of Ligon's Portraiture by Terry J. Gardner
*A Descriptive Guide to Eight Early Alexander Campbell Manuscripts

by Carisse Mickey Berryhill.

*Restoration Movement Sites Visited by Paul & Mary Ann Garrett
*Grave Markers of Restoration Movement Leaders Paul & Mary Ann Garrett
*The Church of Christ Establishment (1966) by Don Haymes

(graphic design by Robert Arlie Barrett; e-version by Joyce Deckler)
*The Gospel Advocate Joke Book Advertisement
*Early Tennessee and Kentucky Preachers by R. L. Roberts
*Kingdom Come by John Mark Hicks and Bobby Valentine
*Origins of the Restoration Movement: An Intellectual History -- by Richard M. Tristano
(I am grateful to the Glenmary Research Society for permitting the online publication of the book and to Dr. G. Parks for making available a pdf version of the volume.)

Recently Published Books

*Restoring the First-century Church in the Twenty-first Century: Essays on the Stone-Campbell

Restoration Movement, in Honor of Don Haymes edited by Warren Lewis and Hans Rollmann

*Hearing God's Voice: My Life with Scripture in the Churches of Christ (Content and

Covers) by Thomas H. Olbricht

*Saddlebags, City Streets and Cyberspace: A History of Preaching in the Churches of Christ

(Content and Covers) by Michael Casey

*Will the Cycle Be Unbroken? Churches of Christ Face the 21st Century (Content and

Covers) by Douglas A. Foster

*The Other Revolution: Russian Evangelical Awakenings by Geoffrey H. Ellis and

L. Wesley Jones

*Hymns & History: An Annotated Survey of Sources by Forrest M. McCann

*R.H. Boll: Controversy and Accomplishment among Churches of Christ by Thomas G.


*The Quest for Christian Unity, Peace, and Purity in Thomas Campbell's Declaration and

Address: Text and Studies edited by Thomas H. Olbricht and Hans Rollmann


*Bound to Slavery: James Shannon and the Restoration Movement by Barry C. Poyner


*The Warrior from Rock Creek (F. B. Srygley) by Earl Kimbrough

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