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J. W. McGarvey
Lands of the Bible (1881)



      The electronic edition of J. W. McGarvey's Lands of the Bible: A Geographical and Topographical Description of Palestine, with Letters of Travel in Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece has been produced from a copy of the printed text published by J. B. Lippincott & Co. (Philadelphia, 1881).

      In the printed text, footnotes are indicated by printer's devices (asterisks and daggers); in the electronic text, they are treated as sequentially numbered endnotes. Pagination in the electronic version has been represented by placing the page number in brackets following the last complete word on the printed page. Inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and typography have been retained; however, corrections for misspellings and other accidental corruptions have been offered. Emendations are as follows:

            Printed Text [ Electronic Text
 List of IllustrationsI.
 p. 9:      Tower of the Forty   274 [ Tower of the Forty    273

 Chapter I: General Description of the Country.
 p. 28:     1 Sam. xxviii, 4; [ 1 Sam. xxviii. 4;
 p. 37:     attemping [ attempting
 p. 38:     735 8133 [ 735.8133

 Chapter II: The Climate, Soil, and Productions.
 p. 48:     half of April [ half of April.

 Chapter III: The People of Palestine.
 p. 80:     odure [ ordure

 Chapter I: Jerusalem.

 p. 150:    in § IV. [ in § VII.
 p. 175:    Tent Work, i. 364-370. [ Tent-Work, i. 364-370.
 p. 187:    (§ II., page 151). [ (§ II., page 149).

 Chapter II: Places with Jerusalem as a Centre.
 p. 243:    from Kirjah-Jearim [ Kirjath-Jearim
            with Kirjah-Jearim, [ with Kirjath-Jearim,
 p. 244:    maurauder [ marauder

 Chapter III: Places with Hebron as a Centre.
 p. 247:    Kirjah-ar'ba, [ Kirjath-ar'ba, 

 Chapter IV: Places on the Maritime Plain.
 p. 267:    Josh. x. 1-3; 34, 35. [ Josh. x. 1-3, 34, 35.
 p. 274:    viliage of Amwâs' [ village of Amwâs'
            Luke xxiv. 29; 33, 34. [ Luke xxiv. 29, 33, 34.
 p. 275:    birthplace [ burial place

 Chapter VIII: Places along the Jordan and Beyond.
 p. 346:    few Ghawar'ineh [ few Ghuwar'ineh
 p. 367:    ontrage [ outrage

 Letter VII: From Suez to Jerusalem
 p. 456:    places intented [ places intended

 Letter IX: The Hot Springs, the Plain of Shittim, and Return to Jerusalem
 p. 481:    Sakrh [ Sukrh

 Letter XIII: From She'chem to the Lake of Galilee
 p. 511:    southern shore. [ southern shore,

 Letter XIV: From Tiberias to Tyre
 p. 526:    mechanic [ mechanics

 Letter XV: From Tyre to Sidon
 p. 532:    1 Kings xvii. 715. [ 1 Kings xvii. 7-15.
 p. 536:    kufeieh [ kufeiyeh

 Letter XIX: From Beirut to the Seven Churches of Asia
 p. 576:    ocupying all [ occupying all

 Appendix: Dr. Vartan's Observations at Nazareth.
 p. 617:    June     55.08  62.29 [ June     62.29  55.08
 p. 618:    April    79.28  56 33 [ April    79.28  56.33

 p. 624:    Solomon's Stables, 150. [ Stables, 150.

      Addenda and corrigenda are earnestly solicited.

Ernie Stefanik
373 Wilson Street
Derry, PA 15627-9770

Created 21 November 2000.


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J. W. McGarvey
Lands of the Bible (1881)

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